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Commercial Cleaning

We’re commercial cleaners dedicated to your business

We believe that image is everything for modern companies. So, by partnering with ACSUK; you can be assured of a professional service that reflects your high standards of appearance and hygiene. Plus, all our cleaning operatives are fully qualified and receive extensive ongoing training as required.

We offer cleaning services to major locations; including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London.

Commercial Cleaning Services Bolton

We have trained cleaning teams throughout the UK and we service a wide variety of commercial sector clients, from offices to public buildings spaces. Our team leaders and managers work closely with you to help keep your premises up to UK health and hygiene standards. With risk assessments, regular checks and reports to facilitate best working practice with regard to health, safety and hygiene throughout your organisation.

Get in touch if you’re looking for a team who can deal with office cleaning, shop floor and foyer cleaning, building frontage and signage cleaning, parking area clean and tidy, window cleaning, or bar and public restroom cleaning in Bolton or the surrounding area, then get in touch. 

At ASCUK, we are certified professionals in commercial kitchen cleaning services. We can offer expert kitchen extract and provide commercial duct cleaning services for small local cafes, pubs, restaurants as well as large restaurants and hotel chains across Manchester, UK. Our duct cleaning and extraction system cleaning is vital to your health and safety standard requirements. So, let us tackle your safety and hygiene control, so you can focus on important things of your business. For more details and information about our commercial kitchen and duct cleaning services in Manchester, UK, call us today on 01942 859116 or email us at info@acsuk.co.uk.

At ACSUK, all our cleaning staff are fully qualified and receive extensive ongoing training as required.Cleaning and maintenance are an integral part of health and safety within the workplace. It supports the wellbeing of those who enter your premises whether it’s a client, employee or visitor. Regular cleaning of commercial property and its equipment can also extend life by protecting against general wear and tear. Many businesses rely on good housekeeping in order to create the right impression of the company as well as providing a safe environment for staff and customers.

At ACSUK Co LTD we use a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to suit the needs of our clients. Our team of fully-trained cleaning experts also specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of heavy-duty and specialist equipment. This includes specialist cleaning processes and products, health and safety, industry regulations and legislation as well as being able to work within hazardous environments.

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