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Bacterial Sanitising

COVID-19 Deep Clean

It’s better to be prepared and prevent, than regret! We are fully accredited to carry out your Covid-19 deep clean. Call ACSUK Co LTD now for a FREE Covid-19 deep clean and sanitise quote! We use the latest technology to carry out all sanitisation to food services, transportation, arenas & stadiums, sports & leisure, education & housing, health care and hospitality.

Anti - Microbial Sanitisation Solutions

Anti - Microbial Sanitisation Solutions

This is the future in electrostatic spraying technology. We only use the best when it comes to anti-microbial sanitisation solutions and we’re proud to be able to use these products when carrying out our cleaning services. The solution not only is an alcohol free disinfectant, it also destroys bacteria and viruses whilst producing no toxins, being food and child safe with a 28 day efficiency.


Why use electrostatic disinfectant spraying?

• Electrostatic is the new advancing technology that will protect your staff, customers and facility or longer.
• Reach every single sq ft with this technology so need to worry about hidden hot spots
• Particles get positively charged and bond envelope to air and surface bacteria. And cannot be scrubbed off
• Save time and money on the amount of liquids used (average saving 65-70% due to huge coverage area in minutes using electrostatic spray technology)
• Utilise as to perform the sanitation of the facility using electrostatic and then we will provide you with the cleaning regime to keep topping up rather than deep cleaning.

The latest technology in sanistisation of all area’s

• 360 degree electrostatic spraying technology coats and destroys bacteria and viruses
• Particles wrap around and envelop objects to coat the entire object
• 2,500 Sqft per hour meaning time saved on disinfecting daily
• Positively charges particles making them stick to surfaces and increases efficacy
• 75 Times heavier than gravity so all areas get covered
• Increased protection on all surfaces for up to 28 days saving money and time
• Gets the areas that traditional sprays don’t whilst saving up to 70%

Positive PR for your facility

• Utilise the positive pr that our products and technology create
• Set yourselves apart from traditional disinfectants
• Increase revenue by promoting the use of alcohol free, toxin free products and save money on using them.
• Show staff how by using our 2 step approach your business is safe, free of viruses for longer and saving £££ while doing so.

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Why use our 28 Day Virus/Bacteria Killer Sanitiser

• Our amazing 28 day efficacy sanitisation product is part of the European Distributor of world-class anti-microbials using highly advanced chemistry that passes all efficacy testing whilst remaining safe for users in any environment.
• Our partner manufacturer uses its proprietary adjutant to turbo-boost very low levels of chemicals to become powerful, fast acting, long lasting disinfectants.
• All partner technologies have been tested and assessed as non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive, and food-safe anti-microbial.
• Our strategic partners manufacture the anti-microbial you need for your specific industry application.
• Once we have electrostatically deep sanitised your facility we can also provide you with the exact same liquid to use (a persistent solution) to all areas, which include walls carpets surfaces and more.
• As this product continues to work for 4 weeks (white paper on killing MRSA on the walls). It continues to clean the environment you work and live in by removing harmful VOC’s in the air as well as on any surface. So the more you use it, the safer you are.

Prevention, Disinfection, Verification


ACSUK preventative disinfectant cleaning services help businesses regain customer and employee confidence.

Our Professional disinfection service sends a clear message that health and safety is paramount. Our commercial disinfection services for coronavirus are economical, safe, and convenient. We can service after hours to minimize disruption to your day to day.


Coronavirus disinfection is the first step if there is suspicion of contamination. Our Electrostatic Disinfection Service can eliminate potential cross contamination in your residence or commercial space.


We provide a no-obligation consultation to discuss disinfection services by phone, email or video conference.

Threat elimination. Do you think you’re clean enough? Forget cleaning we Disinfect, get rid of the harmful stuff.

Let us conduct a 15-second ATP SWAB hygiene test to help you avoid the potentially harmful effects of contamination. Don’t place your organization at risk of COVID-19 litigation.

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