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Looking to find coronavirus cleaning services but not sure where to start, then let us help!

The UK Is currently in a situation unprecedented in our lifetimes. We have families and the vulnerable self-isolating and children not going to school and a large number of the population working from home where they can.

However, there are still numerous businesses across London and the rest of the country that are very much open and still operating as normal. So, its these type of businesses that would ask, how do I keep my communal areas as safe as possible?

ACSUK is trying its hardest to react to the ever-changing situation and best look after our clients and contractors. Additionally, its good to know that we are specialists in coronavirus deep cleaning & COVID-19 decontamination fogging at your office, home or commercial premises.

So whether you have a person that has been infected with Coronavirus or you just want to ensure your employees or customers are safe, you can contact us for 24/7 service.

What is a specialist Coronavirus Deep Clean?

The video below is taken from the BBC website and illustrates how hospitals are deep cleaning their buildings and wards by using a method called fogging. Then combining specialist chemical that tackles all types of biological matter and is widely used for infection control in hospitals. Sadly, it has yet to be tested on COVID-19.

However, what we do know is this chemical misting process can help your environment to become germ-free. Thus, creating a safer place for the people that attend the site too and allowing your site to remain open.

A deep clean is the best way to ensure all surfaces, walls, floors, ceilings, appliances, and ventilation systems are cleaned. So, timescales are dependant on the size of the building or area that needs cleansing. However, following a deep clean, the area is safe for employees, customers or visitors to return after 10 minutes.

ACUK are specialists in coronavirus deep cleaning & COVID-19 decontamination fogging at your office, home or commercial building. 24/7 service.

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